Biography And Everything You Needs To Know About John Oseni

John Oseni Biography.

John Oseni, a self-proclaimed teenage full-stack developer and rising tech sensation, faces accusations of scam and fraud on the X platform.

The allegations surfaced following a qthread by software developer Ayotomide (@czarify) on Wednesday. Ayotomide recounted his collaboration with Oseni on a startup project, highlighting discrepancies in Oseni’s representations.

According to Ayotomide, Oseni claimed to have secured investors and nearly completed backend development.

However, it was revealed that the backend work had not even commenced, contrary to Oseni’s assurances. Despite receiving minimal compensation, Ayotomide continued to invest efforts in the project.

Oseni allegedly enticed a team of skilled Nigerian developers with promises and minimal pay, leading to discontent within the group.

What Ayotomide said

  • “He often used the phrase “money is coming” but rarely delivered as promised. When my generator broke, impacting my work on his project, he delayed his promised support, forcing me to shell out over N400k from my pocket, on a project that doesn’t even pay 30% of that,” Ayotomide tweeted.

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The tipping point came when the CEO, one Mr Akinola previously unknown to @czarify, called for a meeting. Oseni in a bid to cover his tracks rejected the meeting, sparking suspicions. The subsequent revelation that the CEO had been defrauded of nearly $40,000 exposed a web of deception, by the teenager. Social media platform X has since been agog with various reactions to the matter.

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