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Mercy Kenneth receives knocks from netizens as she claims she’ll be turning 13 this year again

Mercy kenneth 13 years again

Nollywood actress, Mercy Kenneth receives knocks from netizens over suspected age falsification.

The budding actress in a recent video shared on TikTok claimed she would be turning 13-year-old on 7th April; an assertion that didn’t sit well with cybernauts.

Recall that last year (2022), the movie star also paraded herself as a 13-year-old girl and maintaining the same age in 2023 has spurred lashes from social media users.

Captioning the video, she wrote: “Sweet 13🥺❤️ April 7th for me❤️. Guess who is turning 13, 7th April.”

Watch below:


Sweet 13🥺❤️ April 7th for me❤️#fyp #smartgirl844 #⚠️fakebody #mercykenneth844 #viral

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Her claim however met several taunts from netizens who were sceptical and accused her of being stagnant with her age.

One@dolphinpresh wrote: “Every year 13 buh u dey do big girls tin mitchewww”

Precious wrote: “Ehhh? And she dey wear ashawo clothes I thought she was like 17”

sammy SG wrote: “Turn the 3 go front carry 1 go back 😂”

nonyfrank wrote: “My dear u are not turning 13 u are turning 19 u hear no dey decieve urself.”

shezbarbie wrote: “U go still Turn 13yrs even nxt year too.”

EZINNE wrote: “no vex na every year u d turn 13😳😳😳”

Glossy empire wrote: “13 yrs no dey ever finish for una side, wow rapid growth children.”

omahlina 🤎 wrote: “Girl you no dey grow???”



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