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“I want to help” – Russian man offers to assist orphan who stays in class to read whenever mates go out to play

Girls doesn't play parents dead

Favour seems to be coming the way of the viral little orphan, Boluwatife Semilore after netizens within and outside the country offered to put resources together to assist her.

The little girl went viral a few days after her teacher who is identified as @chiibabyy_ on TikTok made a video of her while noting that she doesn’t join her mates to play during break time rather she stays back in class to study.

Watch below:


I asked her today and she said she just doesn’t want to go 😊 #christiantiktok #breatheuponme #fypシ゚viral #foryou

♬ Breathe Upon Me – Neon Adejo

Social media users upon seeing the video asked the teacher to find out what her problem may be as it appeared quite awkward, especially for a kid.

The teacher took the advice of netizens and decided to query the girl only to discover that her parents are late.

Watch below:


@workathomewoman_ @lifewithtoynina @american_papa @princebell33 @qax100 @zanldn @mrtonianthony @precious_dede1 @ogbenefit427 @comradechimezie96 Replying to @KNR

♬ Breathe Upon Me – Neon Adejo

This attracted a lot of sympathy from TikTokers who offered to help the lady to the their best capability.

The girl’s teacher subsequently made another video where she posted an account number that funds can be sent into.

She wrote: “Access bank …..0703957278 ❤️ ….God bless you💜💜💜”

Also, see video below:


Access bank …..0703957278 ❤️ ….God bless you💜💜💜 #christiantiktok #breatheuponme #fypシ゚viral #foryou #chiibabyy_ #fyp

♬ Breathe Upon Me – Neon Adejo

Amongst those who indicated an interest in helping is a Russian man identified as @James Chang who asked how he could assist.

He wrote: “I want to help and am in Russia how can I send it”

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