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Video of secondary school students ‘partying hard’ triggers mixed reactions

secondary school student having fun

A video circulating on social media captures the moment some secondary students visibly partied hard in an enclosed space.

In the clip, the girls could be seen rocking their male schoolmates as they grooved to Kizz Daniel’s hit track, ‘Lie’.

The students undeniably seemed to be having their best moments as they were also seen with packets of drinks.

Watch the video below:

The clip however sparked mixed comments on social media; while some condemned the act others were of the opinion that a majority of adults today engaged in the act.

official_mmesoma12 wrote: “Most of us did worst back then but the difference was just social media was not in existence”

prima_cute wrote: “Back in the days them no born me [email protected] come home late after school, fear and discipline no let me do this kind rubbish, thanks to my parents 🤌🏻”

iwuanyanwu_fredrick wrote: “E get who no do this kind thing, e dey bad but we all do am. Nobody be saint.”

oma_pearll wrote: “It’s the mind for me 😢 Then I can’t even go home 10mins late”

currentgist7 wrote: “many of una do am,just that no camera then”

obembe_omopasto wrote: “😢😢 does it mean this one’s are no longer virgins like this?? And why is everyone saying we all did this? If you did it speak for yourself please, not all of us lost focus in high school. This are teenagers being irresponsible.”

pr3ttythang5 wrote: “This life dor really too spoil back then dem no born me well to even get home 10 minutes after I leave my school.”



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