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#BBTitans: Social media goes wild as Khosi and Blue Aiva’s ‘chest areas’ pop on screen

south africans housemates breasts blue aiva khosi

Tongues wag on social media after the two female BBTitans South African housemates, Khosi and Blue Aiva breasts got captured by Biggie’s camera.

First was that of Khosi whose left breast dropped out of her cloth while she rose a bit to adjust her bed. Juicy Jay could also be seen at the spot doing some push-ups when this happened.

Khosi however seemed unashamed as she wasn’t in a hurry to cover it up.

In Blue Aiva’s case, Biggie’s camera caught her changing her clothes in the presence of two male housemates, Thabang (South Africa) and Marvin (Nigeria).

She took off her top leaving her chest bare for some moments before wearing a black singlet.

In reaction to these scenes, Twitter users have been ranting endlessly.

See some tweets below:



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