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“Ice on your neck but no food and water in your house” – Dorcas Fapson throws hot shade at ex-lover, Skiibii


Actress and Disc Jockey, Dorcas Shola Fapson has thrown shades at her ex-lover, Skiibii Mayana while hinting at the fake lifestyle he always put out online.

Ms DSF and Skiibii had taken to social media a few months ago to confirm their romantic affair. This was also strengthened by some lovey-dovey photos and videos they shared online.

However, it appears things turned sour as they unfollowed each other on Instagram some weeks later.

In a recent development, Fapson in a now-deleted post shaded Skiibii by insinuating that he always appears expensive but lacks the basic needs of life on the inside.

She used the lyrics from his hit track ‘Datz how star do‘ to serve him the hot shade.

Skiibii in the song had bragged, “Ice on my neck, Ice on my wrist.”

Capitalizing on this, Forsap wrote:

 “Ice on your neck, Ice on your wrist, no running water in your house. No food in your fridge, zero money in your account.”

See her tweet below:



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