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Seven reasons mosquitos bite you more than they bite others


In Africa, mosquitos are one of the commonest insects that affect human beings. They are annoyingly parasitic and bloodsucking. Mosquitos are carriers of one of the world’s deadliest diseases, malaria which causes millions of deaths annually on the continent. As humans, we have devised several ways to combat this blood-sucking insect, but just like any other creature, they can’t go extinct and we are only left with the option of guarding ourselves.

Mosquitos bite others reasons

From studies conducted, it has been revealed that mosquitos bite some people more than others. That is to say, three people could be in a room and instead of the mosquitos taking turns on each and every one of them, they focus on only one individual while others get fewer or no bites at all. This happens for a reason and if you have noticed this or you are a victim, I will be highlighting some reasons this occurs.

First, Wearing dark colour: Mosquitos are attracted to dark colours and when you put on dark apparel while sleeping at night, you may draw the attention of these unfriendly insects that will feast on you with reckless abandon. Therefore, what you can do to help yourself is to put on light materials, this may also help in lessening the bites. Apart from this, we all know that mosquitos are very active when it is dark, and this explains why they are drawn to dark materials a lot.

Second, Blood group: some research has revealed that mosquitos tend to attack people with blood group O, that is the ‘Universal Donors’ more than other individuals with different blood groups. Be it as it may, this is a natural circumstance that can’t be undone by you. So the best thing is to protect yourself against this insect by sleeping under a mosquito net, disposing of stagnant water, regularly using insecticides and cleaning your environment. At least you now know that your blood group can be the reason mosquitos feast on you more than others.

Third, Pregnancy: unarguably, pregnant women are prime targets for mosquitos and this is why a pregnant woman is advised to take appropriate measures to guard herself against these creatures. Excessive mosquito bites on a pregnant woman can be detrimental to both the unborn baby and the woman, therefore effective measures should be put in place to tackle or guard against this.

Fourth, Smells and fragrances: mosquitos are also drawn to some types of smells and fragrances. This could emanate from perfumes, soaps, ointments and so on. When you notice that you are gradually becoming a prime target for mosquitos, one move you should make is to change your perfumes, soaps and so on. As small as those insects are, you should know that they are very sensitive and little things like such can make you a target.

Fifth, Consumption of beer; some people who complain about incessant mosquito bites may not know that they are the actual cause of their problem. When you consume beer, there’s a great chance that it can exude from your body and attract the dreaded insects to you. Therefore, if you want to tackle this problem, you should take a break from drinking beer and witness the result. Mosquitos are attracted to substances like such and when it emanates from your body, it gives them the reason to feast on you mercilessly.

Sixth, Gene: As we all know, gene plays an important role in the lives of individuals. If you come from a family where your father and mother are short, there is a great tendency that you will also be a short woman or man no matter what you do about it. Even some health complications and positive aspects of human beings are hereditary, that is why you see people whose father or mother suffered from hypertension being affected by the same disease at a later age, and children whose parents are intelligent being smart without putting much effort; this is the work of gene. In the same vein, mosquitos can be attracted to you because of your gene in the sense that there are some individuals whose genes are prone to mosquito bites, so if you are among this category, the best thing to do is to seek ways to protect yourself against these insects.

Seventh, Warmness: some people are naturally more warm than others and this can also attract mosquitos to you. If your temperature is higher than that of your colleagues or mates in a room, you may likely be a centre of attraction for these parasitic insects. So learn to cover up properly and take appropriate measures.

In conclusion, It is not in doubt that mosquitos attack some individuals more than they do to others and I have taken my time to outline seven causes of this. Some are avoidable while some aren’t within the capacity of humans to change. So the best thing is to take precautionary measures, repair your torn nets, clean your environment and make sure there is no stagnant water as mosquitos lay their eggs there, you can also switch on your fan while sleeping because mosquitos cannot fly in a breeze that is faster than one mile per hour, and finally make use of insecticides.

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