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Ways to aid your child’s performance in school as a parent


In today’s world, children especially at a tender age require maximum attention and aid from their guardians and parents to become successful in all ramifications. Parents being the first set of individuals that a child becomes familiar with plays a vital role in the shaping of kids’ lives. As a parent, no matter how busy or tight your schedule may be, it’s highly advisable that you make out time for your kids as nobody will be able to play this role better than yourself; not a nanny nor a teacher.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to see that your child is doing well no matter where he or she is. The school which has turned out to be a second home for children also plays a vital role in a kid’s life, but you can agree with me that teachers and staff in school won’t be able to give your child maximum attention owing to the number of kids enrolled in the same school, and this is where your role as a father or a mother comes in. As a child, I understood topics faster and easier when my dad taught me rather than in class, I honestly can’t tell why, but l think it’s because of the bond that exists between me and my father that made me get things easier. You may be complaining about your son or daughter’s performance in school without knowing you may be the solution to his/her problem.

Against this backdrop, let me highlight some ways you can actually aid children’s school performance.

First, Assignment assistance: most parents claim to be so busy that they have little or no time for their kids, and as I said earlier, especially at a tender age, every child deserves maximum attention from their parents. As a parent, you can boost your child’s performance in school by helping and guiding them through their homework. Although some may try to shift the responsibility to a nanny, what about in a case whereby the nanny may be lost and can’t effectively guide the child to carry out the assignment? In this case, that means the child will have to return to the school the following day with an undone assignment which will take a toll on both the child’s grades and intellect. Always make out time to help your kids with their school projects, most kids no matter how good a nanny may be, may still not be comfortable with the person. You should come to terms with the fact that your children should be your ultimate priority.

Second, Periodic book check: during my days in nursery and primary school, my mother took it upon herself to conduct periodic checks on my books and I can assure you that this helped real good. As a parent, this will give you a hint on the areas your child is doing well and where he/she is struggling, and as they say ‘an identified problem is partly solved’. So when you conduct these periodic book checks, try to draw your child’s attention to certain errors and provide meaningful solutions for the ones you can handle. Also, do not forget to applaud the child for the pass marks he/she had in class as this will go a long way to motivate him or her to do more because if you keep hammering only on failures, you may end up hurting the child’s psyche as they would gradually begin to see themselves as never-do-wells. Try to strike a balance between the child’s woes and successes as this will help a lot.

Third, Always engage them in discussions pertaining to school affairs: as a parent, you should always engage your ward(s) in discussions concerning school affairs. Here, you give the child the avenue to open up to you about certain things going on in school and some challenges he/she is facing as the case may be. It is important to note that a child may begin to backslide in his/her studies when affected by some emotional or other sensitive issues in school. Therefore, when you communicate with them regularly about school activities, you present them with the opportunity to reveal the problems they are facing at school to you and your next move will definitely be to tackle them effectively.

In conclusion, my advice to all parents is to create the chance to spend quality time with their children no matter their busy schedules. Don’t underestimate the role of a parent in the life of a child. A nanny may be there, but you still need to be there for your kids. Helping your kids to attain academic excellence will be a big credit for you as a parent. Children as they say are the leaders of tomorrow and these leaders ought to be properly guided to create a better world. Therefore, in this article, I have succinctly highlighted some ways to assist your child in his/her goal of academic excellence.

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