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Aside from intense reading during examination periods, check out 2 less stressful ways of passing your exams in school


Over time, it became a norm for students to drastically turn into bookworms when examinations are fast approaching. The pressure during this period becomes so much that some of them lose weight and look so drained during this academic period. A majority of students choose to download and force into their brains all they have learnt in a semester within hours which is quite impossible. Some of them end up frustrated while some who may succeed will definitely have to deal with forgetfulness frequently, especially in the examination hall.Less stressful exams students

As a youth, who has passed through several levels of education and attained success at each point, I have taken it upon myself to offer students some tips that will aid them in passing their examinations with little or no stress. These tips are quite easy but require dedication and commitment. These styles worked for me during my time and I believe they can also help you if you put them to practice. Having said this, let’s begin:

First, start your readings at the beginning of the semester instead: as I said earlier, a majority of students remember their books only during exams period and this isn’t a good move. During my days in school, night classes are usually scanty during the beginning and middle of the semester but drastically turn into an arena of multitude immediately after examinations set in. As a student, in order to save yourself the stress of trying to get every detail into your little brain in a limited period, the best thing to do is to start from the very first day of resumption to read. Always make out time to go through what you have learnt in school every day, by this, you will be able to understand better, make effective corrections and if you are a student who is enthusiastic about research, you can even go beyond what your lecturer thought by getting more information via the internet or textbooks.

The good thing about studying from the very beginning is that it makes you familiar with all the topics. This is true because when you finally begin to read for your examinations, it will appear more like a revision, unlike someone who’s basically opening his book to read for the first time after months of learning. This method of continuous reading throughout the semester helped me in so many situations. I once attempted a question I didn’t get to read about during the exam period due to limited time and still passed with flying colours. Constant reading will familiarize you with the topics in your book and make it easier for you to understand during the examination period. Therefore, if you are among the numerous students who do not like reading except when examinations set in, it’s advisable that you change. With this method of mine, you’ll be ready for anything at any time, you wouldn’t be scared of impromptu tests because you’ll be loaded at all times.

Second, read to understand; this is another area students battle seriously with. A lot of students instead of trying to understand the concept or topic they are dealing with tend to force every line from their notebooks or textbooks into their head which is so tasking and to me, this is suffering in its highest form. When reading, try to get the message a particular subject is passing, if you don’t, make more research and meet your lecturer if need be. Cramming for examinations has great disadvantages, yes, it does and I have been a victim and that’s why I’m giving you an alternative. When you cram, you limit yourself to what you have gotten in a textbook or notebook, because you didn’t understand the message you won’t be able to write extensively when faced with a problem in the examination hall. Worst of it all will be when the question requires intellectual reasoning, at this point, you be left so confused and devastated because you wouldn’t know how to tackle the problem since you just lifted words from somewhere and came into the hall with the mindset of pouring down everything on the sheets.

Try to understand when you read. It gives you the ability to explore and extend beyond areas that weren’t even taught in class. One way to also enhance understanding is by constant reading, most people who cram are those in a tight situation that don’t want to cheat but still wouldn’t devote their time to study assiduously.

In conclusion, schooling can be fun and it can also be a horror. Examination periods are usually stressful, but you can make them less stressful through proper preparation. Also bear in mind that students who top their class as the best aren’t those who conduct a one-night study rather they assume this position through constant reading and studying. No matter what, it is noble to earn good grades while in school, although good grades aren’t guarantees for a better life but there’s is popular saying that ‘what is what doing is what doing well‘, so get the best out of everything you do. I believe that as a student if you try these two things I’ve mentioned above, examination periods will become less tedious for you.

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