Six (6) costless ways to take care of your skin

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The human skin remains the most exposed part of the body and has to deal with daily direct contact with anything or anybody. One would not be absolutely wrong to say that a person’s skin defines him or her as this is what people notice immediately they come in contact with each other. Owing to how important the skin is and the level of confidence a perfect or flawless skin brings to an individual, it’s expected that everybody should take appropriate care of their skin.

costless skin take care

Apart from several skin surgeries and procedures that probably cost a lot of money, there are some costless and efficient ways to take care of your skin and I shall be examining some of them.

First, eating fruits regularly: Most individuals spend heavily on several body creams all in a bid to achieve a flawless and spotless skin unknowingly to them that regular intake of fruits can also do the job. As well all know, fruits contain essential vitamins that repair the body tissues better than some creams with no side effects. You can agree with me that the countless body creams that exist today all have their own side effects no matter how effective they may be. Fruits on their part, are gifts of nature without any artificial deposit. If you desire good skin, it is recommended that you start taking fruits. This is a costless method of achieving glowing skin.

Second, drinking enough water daily: as the title of the article implies, I’m exploring some costless ways; which means ways of maintaining your skin that will cost you little or nothing and drinking enough water is among them. A lot of people underestimate the power of water in the human body. Regular intake of water nourishes and keeps the skin alive. Drinking enough water could help prevent several health complications and it is advisable you take nothing less than 1 litre of water daily. If you doubt the importance of water to the skin, get a mirror and look at how pale you appear when you are exhausted. Therefore, always make it a habit to go about with your water bottle.

Third, applying body cream: a lot of us know about this and we do it often. But all the same, there are some people who know the importance of applying cream on the body but still choose not to. Some men I’ve come into contact with will refer to cream as something meant for women which is an ignorant and erroneous belief. Every individual should apply body cream at least once a day to prevent the skin from being dry and ensure that it is moist. At the same time, while buying creams, you should be cautious of the brand you purchase. I will suggest that you stick to a particular brand you trust and feels is giving you the desired result. Stop mixing creams indiscriminately as it can cause skin irritation which may greatly affect your skin.

Fourth, avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight: to achieve spotless skin, there are definitely some measures that you should take. One of which is avoiding direct sunlight, especially in this part of the world, Africa where the weather is always hot and the sun extremely harsh. Excessive sunlight on the skin can change your skin colour and texture in a matter of days. Therefore, no matter the type of job you do, if you wish to have near-perfect skin, then you should try as much as possible to stay away from sunlight. I know you might have seen lots of individuals experience a rare transformation in their skin immediately they travel abroad.

Fifth, quit smoking: smoking is another skin destroyer no matter the substance you take. Smoking shrinks and affects your skin. Be it shisha, cigarettes, cannabis or so on, they all belong to the same category and are not only harmful to the skin, but to the body as well. A smoker will need intense skincare for his or her skin to remain presentable. Little wonder we see peasants who smoke looking malnourished and drained. On this note, you should stop if you’re guilty in this aspect.

Sixth, proper bath: some individuals despite how old they are have refused to learn how to give themselves a proper bath which usually results in different skin diseases, one of such is Eczema. You should scrub all parts of the body with good bathing soap and sponge, make sure you get to the hidden parts of the body such as the belly button, and the back of the ears. Also, wash your face thoroughly. This is basically the primary step to achieving good skin because, without a proper bath, others are basically icing on the cake.

In sum, although skin maintenance may demand more action, these are some costless steps that could be adopted by anyone who wants nice looking skin. These above-mentioned steps don’t warrant you to spend much but they are very effective. I believe that you can succeed in making your skin highly admirable if you adhere to these.

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