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Five(5) ways to overcome insomnia (inability to sleep) without medications

Insomnia overcome sleep ways

Unarguably, insomnia is one disorder that’s paramount among individuals, especially adults, who seem to be preoccupied with their career and countless worries. In simple terms, insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can make it hard for one to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep. Though this is not life-threatening, it can go a long way to reduce your level of productivity owing to the fact that if the body fails to get enough rest, it becomes sluggish to perform subsequent tasks. Sleep helps in calming the nerves and reactivating the body for more tasks.Insomnia overcome sleep ways

Be it as it may, if you are among those suffering from this health complication, I will be providing some natural ways and tricks to overcome this and if you follow these pieces of advice, you may start sleeping once again like a newborn baby.

First, taking a cold bath before retiring to bed: some individuals don’t know how much a cold shower can help you to fall asleep easily. If you’re battling insomnia, tried several methods to fall asleep, but to no avail, what you need to do is to leave your bed and walk into the bathroom. Make sure you bathe in cold water, not warm or hot, what this does is it relaxes the body and sends the signal to the system clock of your body that it’s time to sleep. This method has helped a lot of people affected by this sleeping disorder to get some rest.

Second, toss your phone or laptop aside and read a book instead: I see numerous people complain about their inability to catch some sleep, when in reality they are the cause of their problem. When you keep on pressing your phone or laptop, especially at night (a period you ought to be sleeping), the chances of you falling asleep becomes difficult because as the blue light from your phone or laptop continues to hit your eyes, it sends a signal that the body is still very much at work to the brain which will, in turn, keep you alert.

One thing you need to understand about falling asleep and overcoming insomnia is that the brain is 80% responsible. If the brain isn’t relaxed and eased of all stress, sleeping becomes a difficult task. Instead of pressing your device, the best thing to do is to pick up a book and start reading, this exercise will reduce stress and lure you to sleep faster. This is another effective method.

Third, make your sleeping environment conducive: as we all know, human beings vary, unlike me that can sleep almost under any condition, many people find it difficult to sleep in places that are not too conducive or comfortable. They could be affected by noise, light, or related factors. This can therefore lead to insomnia. As an individual, you should be able to identify or know the conditions that make you feel more relaxed. If you feel comfortable and relaxed during lights out, it probably means you should try switching off your lights when you are about to go to bed as this made help you to catch some sleep. If you are among the category of individuals who get distracted by any form of noise during sleep or while trying to sleep, then you ought to ensure that your sleeping environment is noise-free. Always bear in mind that comfort brings about rest.

Fourth; avoid eating or drinking too much before retiring to bed: as I mentioned earlier, insomnia involves both being unable to sleep and not being able to go back to sleep after you accidentally wake up. As a person battling insomnia, you shouldn’t eat or drink heavily before retiring to bed, as this may cost you a perfect night’s rest. Drinking too much can trigger the urge to urinate frequently and this can affect your sleep. As one who struggles to sleep, if this happens, it means it will take ages for you to sleep again, that is if you ever get to do so that night. The same goes for food, you may want to use the toilet in the middle of your night rest and this isn’t nice for someone like you. To avoid all these, eating and drinking lightly is highly recommended.

Fifth, Exercise: the impact of exercise on the health of an individual cannot be overemphasized. Exercising regularly can also be a natural way to fight insomnia. Exercise can improve an individual’s sleep quality and duration. Always make out time to do some workouts as this may be of great advantage to you. However, make sure you do it four or three hours before going to bed in order to enjoy a good rest. Exercise has a way of correcting certain anomalies in our bodies without us knowing.

In conclusion, insomnia is a very uncomfortable condition. It makes you less vibrant during the day as you’ll definitely suffer for not getting enough sleep because as we all know, you can’t cheat nature. Also, if you are addicted to things like coffee, narcotics and so on that always keep the body active, it’s advisable that you stop it immediately as this may be the root cause of your problem.

I strongly believe that if you adhere strictly to these points, you can be able to overcome insomnia naturally. Perhaps, if these methods fail, you may need to contact your doctor for expert advice on your issue.

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