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Don’t leave your cheating partner yet? Try these 3 things first

cheating partner stop relationship

From time immemorial, cheating has been a very great issue of concern among couples, both married and unmarried. People tend to walk away from their once beautiful and amazing relationship immediately after their partner begins seeing someone else, which eventually leads to a break-up. Cheating on its part is a very unpalatable activity to indulge in while in a relationship with a person. It ruins a lot of things and sometimes makes it difficult for the person hurt to start loving you as he or she did in the past. This is one reason it should be avoided at all costs.

cheating partner stop relationship

Most of the time, cheating is triggered by lust, the character of the current partner or some other related factors. However, no matter how it may be, in this article, I will be providing you with some steps you can take when your partner begins cheating on you, instead of outrightly ending that previously admired relationship, as we all know, everything has its ups and downs and your ability to turn woes into success and celebration makes you an outstanding individual.

So let us begin:

First, conduct a survey on your current attitude/behaviour: people cheat for a reason although it may not be so valid or justifiable, there must be a reason for your partner to leave you for another individual. At this point, what you ought to do is to evaluate ‘yourself by yourself’. Self-assessment can help you sometimes in a situation like this. It is not a new phenomenon that most people tend to pretend and portray a flawless lifestyle or nature at the beginning of a relationship which possibly attracted their partners to them but along the line, after establishing their foothold and attaining the position they wished to attain in their partners’ life, a beast-like nature or character emerges.

When your partner who doesn’t cheat begins to do so, ask yourself some salient questions like: ‘Did I change?’ ‘Am I treating him/her badly?’. At this point, try to be honest with yourself as the worst thing a person can do is to lie to him or herself. If at the end of the day, after reminiscing, you identify some drastic and unpleasant change(s) that occurred in your behaviour, try to work on them and expect your partner to be back in no time. Some people only cheat due to the fact that they are seeking solace outside hence they can’t find it within. Immediately you start depicting your old and lovely lifestyle you will probably be shocked by the positive result. I have people who it actually worked for, so you can give it a try before ending that relationship.

Second; try to have a one-on-one conversation with your cheating partner: after discovering that your partner is cheating, instead of keeping malice with him or her, try to engage the individual in a heart-to-heart conversation. Here, try to identify the reason he or she is cheating on you and why. Apparently, this may be difficult, but it can help in some cases too. When you calmly introduce this conservation and throw these troubling questions at your partner, it could trigger remorse and guilty conscience may set in. A considerate being may actually open up on the reason(s) for this deceitful act and when communication is established, the problem is partly solved. Also, note that this method may not work for some individuals who have mastered the act of cheating, yeah, the ‘veteran cheats’ this set of individuals may not even want to have a conversation and if they do will try to lie and justify their actions. The final point could be introducing a fierce argument that may end up in a verbal altercation.

Third, visit a licensed relationship expert: this could be another step to saving your relationship that seems to be on the verge of crashing. I will recommend visiting one who doesn’t know anything about you, so there will be no room for unnecessary emotions during counselling. A relationship expert or therapist is skilled when it comes to handling matters like this and can direct you on some perfect steps to take. Also, bear in mind that when visiting the counsellor, you shouldn’t hide anything from him or her if you really want your problem solved. Do not try to paint your partner bad before the relationship guru and also open up on some things you feel caused your partner to start cheating on you. This to a very great extent will be of help to the counsellor and will help him or her offer you better advice.

In conclusion, dealing with a cheating partner requires patience, as the strategies employed, may not be immediate. It can be disturbing seeing your partner give more love and attention to another person, especially when you are in love with him/her so dearly. However, you can still put the above strategies to play and see how it turns out, but when it seems like all efforts are futile, you should also be able to know when to quit and exit such a relationship for your own well-being. Yes, in the real sense, some relationships are irreparable and when this hits you, you just need to move on with life and accept your fate.

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