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How to make money as a writer in Africa

Writer make money Africa

Writing is an art, a skill that has become of great demand in the universe today. Writing basically involves the ability to put words, numbers, characters or symbols together on a plain surface to arrive at something meaningful. Over the years, several writing styles have emerged to suit distinct areas. Anyone can be a writer, but what makes an individual stand out among others is his or her prowess. Some people are gifted writers, that’s to say, they had the talent from birth and did just a little or nothing to perfect it, e.g Chimamanda Adichie and late Chinua Achebe while a few other people could be writers by training; they worked tirelessly to improve their writing skill. It doesn’t matter the category you belong to, what matters is the ability to deliver perfectly.Writer make money Africa

Coming to Africa, youths are constantly embracing and exploring new means or ways of making money. Writing which is one of the ways has been identified by some young people as a lucrative venture. I hope that by the time I’m done with this article, you’ll be made to understand how writing can be a source of earning a decent living as the case may be.

First, we’ll take a look at two thriving news platforms in Africa that currently hiring people to be writers and earn money for the platform.

The first is Opera News Hub: launched in 2018, Opera News Hub has turned out to be one of the fastest-growing news platforms in Nigeria with millions of users and writers. A young and aspiring African writer can make good earnings via this platform by publishing news or original articles. The more clicks these articles garner, the higher your pay becomes. The highest earner I’ve seen on this platform made one million naira within a month, surprising right? So what are you waiting for as a writer in Africa to jump on this golden opportunity? All you need to do is to register using either your email account or Facebook account, follow the steps, read the guidelines, fill out the form and wait for approval from the team. Once your account gets approved, you can start earning handsomely by writing. To register, you can search the keywords ‘Opera News Hub’ or click HERE.Writer make money Africa

To receive payment, you’ll need to download the Opay app, and then use your mobile number to create an account.

Opay App

The number you used in creating the account will be referred to as the Opay account number. When you’re done, you can add the number to your account dashboard. Writer make money Africa By this, automatic payments will be made on or before the 15th or 16th of every month based on your articles’ performance.

Second, Scooper News/ Post Now Application: As an adventurous African youth, yearning to explore different ways of wealth creation, I stumbled upon Scooper News/Post Now Application in 2020. To make money as a writer, you’ll need to register. You can register by downloading the Post Now Application and clicking ‘Register’, you’ll be required to fill out the form and do a little exercise by providing a writing sample, which will guarantee whether you will be accepted or not.

As regards payment, Scooper pays differently and according to account rank, check out the screenshot below:

They pay directly to your bank account. During my time, an agent provided me with a form where I filled in my name, bank details and so on. Scooper News also has a massive audience and earns millions. You can also try this out. Upon approval, you will get a message on your phone and the email address you inputted during registration.

You can create news content of not less than 300 words or write in-depth articles which pay more and are in high demand. This is just another easy and smart way of generating meaningful revenue as an African writer.

Aside from these two methods, you can also make your craft known and highly sought after by offering to write blog posts, and articles of great relevance then charge a reasonable amount for that. I know a lot of bloggers who require writers to draft good content on their blogs. You could grab this opportunity and deliver top-notch content which will make your services wanted by many.

Aside from that, writers in Africa can also take on summary writing, book reviews, proofreading projects and so on. All you need to do at this point is to identify where your strength lies and work on it. The more you take on the tasks daily and deliver promptly, the better you become with it, so don’t be discouraged by your limited knowledge, you can always make research when stuck.
In conclusion, content writing is a rare skill in today’s world and a lot of people make a reasonable amount of money from it. You can also explore this. African youths are known for their ambitious nature and can’t be left behind in this technology-driven society. We should be able to make decent revenue from any given opportunity.

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