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Four (4) ways to quit alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction ways stop

There is a popular saying that too much of everything is bad, that’s to say that no matter how nice and appealing something may appear to be, indulging in it frequently/incessantly could bring about a negative result. Just as food, although it is essential for the growth and development of the body, if consumed in excess quantity can pose a big threat to health.Alcohol addiction ways stop

Alcohol as we all know remains one of the most highly consumed substances all over the world and has a great tendency of making an individual addicted to it. One thing about alcohol is that once you are addicted, breaking out becomes very difficult and requires a lot of commitment, this is because you’ll probably come by it during your daily activities, either at a friend’s house, at a joint, and so on.

First; what’s alcohol: in simple terms, alcohol is a colourless volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars and is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks, also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel. Alcohol poses a big problem to a person when taken in excess and could even lead to addiction.

Therefore, peradventure you see yourself getting addicted or already addicted to alcohol, in this article I shall be dishing out methods to overcome alcohol addiction.

First, Get Rid Of Every Bottle Of Alcoholic Drink In Your House: to tackle addiction, this should be the first step you should take. Discard every bottle of alcoholic substance in your home. By this, you overcome the temptation of going back to it when the urge arises. Replace your alcoholic drinks with soft drinks. Hence the house is the number place to cool off after a long day, it should be made temptation-free for a person battling to quit alcohol addiction. It is important to note that the process requires a high level of self-discipline and self-control.

Second, Quit Clubbing: this is another important step that ought to be taken when attempting to quit alcohol. As we all know, clubs are never complete without alcoholic drinks. It is therefore not advisable for a person who is struggling to end the excessive intake of alcohol to be found in such a place, especially at an early stage. Fun-seeking in such an environment should be avoided as it may be difficult for you to give a blind eye to those drinks when everyone is having the best of times. If you seek to have fun and chill off after a long day or week, the best place to visit can be the cinema, beach, PlayStation centres and so on.

You shouldn’t be at a place that will trigger your urge to go back to what you are already fighting to stop. Maybe, in the long run, after achieving your goal of quitting excessive intake of alcohol, you can then visit the club again, knowing full well that your level of self-control is at its peak. But as a man or woman struggling to curb the habit, the club is a no-no.

Third, Avoid Accompanying Friends That Consume Alcohol To The Joint: I see a lot of individuals who claim they are battling with alcohol addition accompanying their friends to joints in the pretence that they won’t order some. But let me tell you something, from my level of experience, I have come to realize that men are quite so generous when it comes to two things; alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. So if successfully resist the urge of ordering some bottles when you get to the joint to chill with your paddy, do you think you would still be able to stand your ground when the friend(s) buys you some? The best thing to do is to stay away from any form of temptation or environment that may try to bring you back to what you are trying to do away with.

Undoubtedly, alcohol attracts, especially someone who is or has been addicted to it. So to overcome the urge of returning to your old nature, it is advisable that you avoid being in such company.

Fourth, Set A Target And Reward Yourself For Every Success: No doubt, the journey to quitting alcohol is not an easy one at all. It demands steadfastness and dedication. You can also help yourself by setting targets and rewarding yourself when you meet them. For instance, you can resolve within yourself not to take alcohol for the next five days, then choose to reward yourself with what you like most, maybe Pizza, Shawarma or any other thing but definitely not an alcoholic substance. This technique will help you in remembering that you promised yourself something and that you have goodies to enjoy if you pass the test. Many have used this strategy to end some disgusting habits that dwelled with them for years. You really need to try this out.

In conclusion, taking alcoholic drinks isn’t a crime or a bad thing, but excessive intake could lead to grave consequences. For every sip of alcohol we take, a cell in the liver dies, but the liver is the only organ that has the ability to regenerate, so no need to worry, but when the cells die more than they are regenerated due to excessive alcohol consumption, then problem begins to set in. Everything should be done moderately. Against this backdrop, I strongly believe that if you are addicted to alcohol and adhere strictly to these rules, you are definitely on your way to break loose from the shackles of such addiction.

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