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Things to do to avoid a bedridden old age


In today’s world, we see a lot of individuals getting struck with different ailments as they begin to age. This set of individuals tends to live and survive on drugs almost for the rest of their lives. While some have started to see this as part of nature, it is important to note that old age doesn’t imply a period of illness. An individual can actually age gracefully without health complications and this is not unusual. Most ailments that manifest in the latter part of a person’s life didn’t begin at that moment, most of them lived with the same individual all through his/her heydays and only became visible after establishing a sufficient foothold in the body of the person.

Bedridden old age avoid

Old age is basically a result of a person’s deeds during their youthful days and this is why everyone should be cautious about what they do as a youth as it may backfire in years to come. Therefore, in this article, we shall look at some things you can do to achieve a sickness-free old age.

First, Exercise Regularly: This is one of the most important things you need to do regularly to prevent sickness at a later age. As common and simple as it sounds, many people fail to exercise due to one reason or the other. A majority of people who do not exercise blame their tight schedule for this without knowing they are doing themselves more harm than good. Apart from the immediate result we get when we exercise, exercise has the ability to build a disease-resistant body. Regular exercise can help reduce a person’s chances of developing hypertension. The secret behind exercising is that it stimulates and alerts the body which in turn makes every organ or part of the body to be hyperactive when this occurs, the chances of a person being struck by sickness both presently and in the future become minimal. Exercise also reduces stress.

Be Mindful Of What You Eat: Truly speaking, many old people are suffering today all because of their eating habits, especially during their youthful age. We need to understand that any substance we take into our body definitely has its own side effects which made take a great toll on us in the long run. In this part of the world, Nigeria to be precise, a lot of us have turned carbohydrates into our everyday meals without knowing how detrimental this can be to the body. Carbohydrates are undoubtedly needed for daily activities as it provides strength to take on daily tasks. Nevertheless, they can also be the reason for one to end up in the hospital, this is so because why carbohydrates break down in the body after consumption, they metamorphose into sugar. Excessive sugar in the body can eventually lead to one of the deadliest diseases known as Diabetes which is suffered by many old men and women today.

Try to eat balanced diets and also learn to switch meals this will also go a long way to keep you out of such a health complication.

Periodic Medical Check-Up: most of us in this part of the world use the body with reckless abandon and only attend to it when it breaks down (sick). This is a very wrong approach as far as health is concerned. Examining your body at least once every six months can go a long way in preventing you from being a bedridden grandma or grandpa. The reason is that the earlier a problem is discovered, the easier it becomes to be tackled effectively. Like I said earlier, most old people who suffer from different health complications probably had this in them since they were young, but never noticed it until it escalated into something bigger and life-threatening. Periodic check-ups in a standard hospital will enable you to ascertain the state of your health and if there’s something wrong somewhere, your doctor will be able to administer prescriptions for you at an early age.

Although many see periodic check-ups as a waste of money, this is an erroneous belief that ought to be quashed without any reservation. A check-up is definitely nothing compared to the amount you may spend to cure a sickness you never knew was eating you up, that’s if it’s curable. Ignorance kills, and as they say, information is power, once you’re informed and aware of what you are suffering from at an early stage, management is a lot easier.

In conclusion, do not believe or accept the notion that old age comes with sicknesses, there are lots of old people who didn’t experience ailments before their death. Learn to tackle your problems early and wisely. Also, be cautious of the lifestyle you adopt as its result may become visible in the latter part of your life. Never forget that health is wealth and health is also the starting point of a man’s happiness, if you’re not healthy, nothing can ever make you happy, so protect yourself at all costs.

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