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Three (3) surest ways to make money online as a youth

Make money online youth

As we all know, we live in an evolving world and as a result, young people, who are often regarded as the leaders of tomorrow need to be acquainted with basic trends in the universe and one of these trends is Technology.

Make money online youth

Technology as we all know is simply the systematic application of knowledge to practical tasks in real life. While science does the thinking and creating of ideas, technology comes to appreciate the thought by bringing these ideas into existence.

In older generations and even today, we see young people get off their beds every day and hit the streets in search of their daily bread(s); a routine that became generally accepted until technology introduced a better way of making money at the very comfort of your bedroom.

You would agree with me that getting off your bed every morning and hitting the streets just to survive entails a lot of risks as we live in a world of uncertainty. You could get into an accident or trouble out there you know, but with technology ushering in the remote style of working, risks like such have been reduced to a great extent.

Therefore, in this article, I shall illuminate three (3) surest ways of making money online in the very comfort of your home.

First, Blogging: Blogging in simple terms refers to the act of publishing content (Writings or Photographs) that interests a particular audience for the purpose of keeping them entertained, updated and informed. It is no longer in doubt that this is one of the surest ways to make cool cash online. There are lots of platforms that could be utilized for the purpose of blogging with WordPress and Blogger being the most popular of them all.

A blogger could earn passive income from his website by monetizing his traffic either by Ad Networks or Affiliate Marketing. In the sphere of monetizing through ad networks, Google AdSense has stood out as the widely used ad network, with over 2 million publishers. There are different types of ad networks such as Ezoic, Value Impression, Propeller ads, Adsterra and so on. These ad networks all have their conditions for partnership; some are more lenient than others thereby making monetization much easier.

Affiliate Marketing on its part has to do with advertising products or services and getting paid a certain commission when they get sold. A blogger with sufficient traffic on his/her website could opt for affiliate marketing as a means of monetization and still earn massively in today’s world. Affiliate Marketing pays stupendously especially when the items or services displayed on your website match the interest of your audience.

Apart from creating websites, most people utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for blogging purposes. Once you have massive followers, people will definitely reach out to you for advert placement and revenues begin to flow endlessly.

Second, YouTube: YouTube is a video site that allows content creators to monetize their channels after meeting certain criteria. The secret to this is that the more video views, the more income you generate. To successfully monetize your YouTube channel, you have to live in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is available, make sure that you have no active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel, have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months and lastly have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Once you meet these basic criteria, you are on your way to making profitable earnings from the platform. And mind you, while putting out content on your channel, make sure you do not go against the rules to prevent it from being taken down. There are lots of youths who have made reasonable earnings from YouTube. It is a sphere that could be explored by any young person thriving to succeed in this ever-changing world.

Third, Cryptocurrency trading: This involves the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in a bid to generate meaningful profit. Just as we exchange physical currencies, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that rise in value and may fall after a period of time. One of the most trusted platforms for crypto exchange is Binance. The secret to succeeding in crypto trading is the ability of a trader to study the workings of the market. You buy when the price of a coin is low and sell when it gains value.

Crypto trading undoubtedly has its ups and downs and that is why as a beginner you need to study the system closely before jumping into it to avoid losing money.

You could click HERE for a guide on how to commence your journey as a crypto trader.

In conclusion, these are just the three surest ways to earn big as a young person living in this 21st century. You need to understand that the world is changing by the day and you ought not to be left behind in the race. There are other ways of making money that I haven’t highlighted in this article and would probably do so in my next, so just keep on checking my blog for more tips for success.

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