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“You have 14 days to return the money or face the wrath of the deity” – Chinmark CEO, Marksman Ijiomah gets summoned before Aguleri shrine for allegedly absconding with investor’s money (Video)

Chinmark Aguleri shrine Ijiomah

A video currently circulating on social media shows the moment Mr Chinedu Marksman Ijiomah was summoned before Aguleri shrine in Anambra State for allegedly absconding with an investor’s money.

Chinmark Aguleri shrine Ijiomah

Lately, the CEO of Chinmark Group became a subject of premium drags on social media owing to his company’s failure to redeem promises they made to investors at the initial stage.

Narrating what transpired, the person behind the camera revealed that a lady paid the sum of N4M on 23rd December 2021 to Chinmark Group in Port-Harcourt and was promised interest at the end of every month and till this moment she hasn’t received any returns instead the firm keeps sending fraudulent messages/documents.

Mr Ijiomah was however advised to return the money in the next 14 days or dance to the tunes of the gods.

Chinmark Aguleri shrine Ijiomah

The individual added that they are heading to other shrines to still summon Mr Ijiomah as they believe only in seeking justice via supernatural means.

Watch the video below:



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