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#Oxlade: Why Oxlade’s viral tapes aren’t getting much criticisms like Tiwa Savage’s own


It is no longer news that the popular music star, Oxlade was reportedly spotted making out with a lady in a video which has gone viral on social media.

Oxlade Tiwa Savage tape

This comes a few months after Tiwa Savage’s own clip made the rounds and trended online due to its explicit nature. However, while some have criticized the tapes of these singers, we should also bear in mind that both of them ought not to be compared and at the same time, look into why Oxlade’s own isn’t getting much criticisms.

First, some are of the view that Tiwa Savage‘s tape received several backlashes contrary to Oxlade’s own. However, the reasons aren’t far-fetched. We need to come to terms that Tiwa Savage is a globally recognized songstress who have made a name for herself in the industry. She has featured in a lot of songs and have appeared on different prestigious musical stages in the world unlike Oxlade.

Barely looking at their Instagram account also justifies this, while Tiwa has over 8 million followers, Oxlade has just 1.1 million. Therefore, with this level of exposure and prominence in the industry, it is expected that anything she does will definitely trend, not only in Nigeria, but across the country, to the continent and even the globe.

Tiwa Savage is terms of age and maturity isn’t a kid as we all know. Most upcoming female musicians look up to her as a role model that have attained significant success in the industry and would definitely love to toll her path.

Amid all these, it’s quite clear why her own tape generated backlashes among netizens. Although Oxlade is a popular artiste, we can’t compare his relevance and reputation to that of Tiwa Savage who has been in the industry for quite a long time now, making awesome hit tracks.

Oxlade Tiwa Savage tape

An adage says that when a child does something stupid, it can easily be termed as a childish attitude which people believe he or she will outgrow, but when an adult does same, criticisms will definitely trail such action because everyone already hold him/her at a very high standard.

This is my opinion as to why Oxlade’s tape isn’t bringing numerous criticisms compared to Tiwa Savage’s own.

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