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“You fit do ritual? You fit baf soap dey see spirit for night?” – 15-year-old boy shows off stash of hard currency (Video)


A 15-year-old boy takes to social media to challenge those who seem to be admiring his status as he outlines some of the conditions that come with it.

Ritual 15-year-old hard currency boy

In the short video, the boy could be seen randomly spraying his money while bragging and outlining the scary requirements.

A bag filled with hard currency was also spotted in the video.

Voice in the clip proclaimed thus:

“You fit do ritual? You get mind? You fit baf soap dey see spirit for night? You wan die young?”

Watch the video below:

See reactions below:

jho__ney wrote:
“Gals over to u.. u gals are d one looking for ready mademen.. so they choose to use u gals for sacrifice. Smh.. lot of things i have been hearing lately scares me as a guy. I can’t even ask a gal out or make love to them.. most of all dis gals are walking dead.. i don hear things pa.. u gals should be careful u won’t listen now.. keep on looking for a guy dat owns a car. Fish brain set of gals..”

dg01335 wrote:
“Girls Dey do their low key men dey wey no do Dey cast 😂😂”

blier_maxwell wrote:
“And so it continues…”



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