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Lady welcomes first child after 5 years of marriage, shares audio note of Chief Bridesmaid mocking and calling her barren


Grateful mother rejoices over her days of silent cries that came to an end as she welcomes her first child after five years of marriage.

Marriage barren child lady

Taking to social media to express gratitude to joy, the latest mother shared a voice note from an acquaintance who rubbed it in her face of being barren.

Barreness, barren woman; if say you get pikin now, maybe you for dey get job take care of the pikin. Based on say you’re barren and useless na hin make you dey disturb person; if you no get wetin to do, go hangg yourself and d-e,” the voice in the audio stated.

Marriage barren child lady

Narrating her story, the young mother wrote;

“It took us 5 solid years , 6weeks ,2days few hours and some seconds to make you …. (PERFECTION AT ITS PEAK 👌ISN’T IT ? 😁)
After multiple early pregnancy lost and 2 times IVF 2nd trimester TWIN pregnancy lost, my RAINBOW 🌈 came NATURALLY without us even trying but just a prophetic word from a pastor I never met …(brb lemme GBESE💃💃)
I got the most hurtful comments from people, like…..
1) Fair girls are river kids u need to do some sacrifice so they can release ur children …. don’t eat fresh fish don’t drink Fanta and some other bla bla bla 😁(me wey no dey use fish play, I didn’t stop eating it Incase u are wondering😋)
2) You offended someone so the person tied your womb ( ouch lol )
3) The most common of all is A BARREN WOMAN
( the voice u heard at the start is from a despirado girl AISOSA and her supporting partner in crime PRECIOUS who desperately wanted to take over my home “unknowingly to them I was 3months pregnant at the time she sent the voice note 😀😀😀”( some men will always stain your white sha😀)
LADIES and GENTLEMEN 🗣…..”coughs” (please don’t try to rush me🙄 I just had a baby😁)
….I present to you my heart, my kidneys
and some other vital parts of my being in form of “MY” CHILD 🤲”

Listen to the audio below:



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