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“Na ur husband I just dey pity, ur kayanmata strong” – Janemena under fire after bragging to be the richest twerker

Janemena Richest Twerker Netizens

Netizens have criticized the popular Instagram dancer, Janemena for describing herself as the sweetest, freshest, cleanest and richest twerker.

Janemena Richest Twerker Netizens

These jabs from social media users come after the twerk queen took to her Instagram stories to exalt her hustle while stating that she ought to praise herself if nobody will.

”Sweetest, freshest, cleanest richest twerker ever liveth. If I no hype myself, who go hype me,” the married dancer wrote.

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This assertion however didn’t sit well with netizens who blasted her for bragging about such a thing. While some sympathized with her hubby over his silence on his wife’s occupation, others asked whether twerking was actually a profession.

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@officialbobbyfredrick wrote:
“Na ur husband I just dey pity, what kind of man allows his legal wife n mother of his kids shamelessly disgracing their marriage to all n sundry…ur kayamata strong my darling”

@talktoosa wrote:
“Is twerking a profession,?”

@Heatherlovesafrobeat wrote:
“Whenever ppl shout on social media how rich they are they usually aren’t wealthy at all 😂 just my opinion lmao”

@Iamkingdinero1 wrote:
“Wish sometimes we fit just rest from this social media , the kind unimaginable peace you will get eh you sef go shock”

@Nenen_george wrote:
“So are we still twerking together to court or is mission aborted?”



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