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“If I want to finish you I will tell all your business partners what you said about them” – Bobrisky threatens Mompha again, says he regrets friendship (Video)


Popular crossdresser, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju better known as Bobrisky, is still ranting on how his Dubai-based ‘billionaire’ friend, Mompha turned his back against him.

Bobrisky Mompha Friendship threaten

Recall that the duo had clashed on Instagram a few days ago, which made to Mompha issue a warning to the crossdresser not to ‘chase clout’ with his name.

Bobrisky on the other hand deemed the warning offensive and has since refused to get over it.

In a short video and a lengthy message, the crossdresser, who has been dragging Mompha for a couple of days now, noted that he regrets his friendship with him.

Bobrisky wrote:

“I finally gave up on friend, dis my own world that am in yeah, I’m not lucky with friends. Same thing keeps happening over and over, snitch and gossiper.

“How do you want to chill with me lowkey, drive my car, enjoy my platform both on snap and ig where you beg me to post you and ur family and you still went on ur page to insult me in public just because I stopped giving you attention.

“How can a man gossip like a woman, jeeeez didn’t see it coming honestly, whenever I remember I regret ever following you back on IG when you follow me honestly.

“I wouldn’t have even shared all his dm yeah but I did because he went to his page to deny me and sent to insult me, naaaa won’t take bullsh*t from no one, I don’t kiss and tell but I had to post dis cos dis dude f*ck up big time.

“I will be on my own he will tell me not to talk to dis one and that one because he heard they gossip about me bla bla, meanwhile he is the father of gossiper.

“Mompha you talk too much damn I h*** you so much. Your religion didn’t permit you to be close to me but ur religion permitted you to talk to me secretly behind doors. ode !!!!!

“So you know I’m a big girl before you said ur religion doesn’t permits you to chill with me, that f**k up !!!!!!!!!!

“If i want to finish you i will tell all ur business partners what you told me about all of them, but I don’t kiss and tell. I will play the role as d bigger person here and I will just ingnore ur stupidity

“If you know you are a guy and your mouth is not close pls don’t come to me pls, I’m not hungry or begging you for money, Keep ur big boy in ur pocket. At 30yrs I have two Manson in Lekki I didn’t cheat nobody to become rich, is my money, one in chevron and the other one is at pinnock.

“You guys won’t understand I’m h…. Someone i care so much for came out to his to ridicule me Haba now, atleast before you do that you should think back and remember how nice i was to you

“Whenever mompha is in Nigena he will call for my car, I will send my car to him to drive how else do you want me to be loyal to you. Coming out to cal me names on ur page is d most terrible thing to do to someone who have always gat ur back.”

Watch the video below:



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