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3 notable things Destiny Etiko did after celebrating her 32nd birthday in August

Destiny Etiko Birthday Things

Nollywood movie star, Destiny Etiko has been on the lips of Nigerians who derive special pleasure in watching indigenous movies. The Enugu-born thespian has undeniably portrayed immeasurable prowess in her career, which makes her one of the most celebrated movie stars recently.Destiny Etiko Birthday Things

Born on August 12, 1989, the actress clocked 32-year-old this year. It is not wrong to say that as the year progresses, Destiny Etiko continues to break more grounds of success. Her rise to the limelight has been a rapid and spontaneous one; featuring in different movies all in a bid to keep her audience entertained and glued to their screen.

However, on the 12th day of August 2021, the long-awaited birthday of their dexterous Nollywood star came. As expected, the curvy movie icon blessed the internet with mind-blowing and stunning photos. Destiny Etiko who is known for celebrating both actors and producers on their birthdays was duly celebrated by both colleagues and enthusiasts who appreciate her works in the entertainment industry. Be it as it may, Destiny Etiko did some notable and outstanding things after her birthday which triggered congratulatory messages from various corners. It is against this backdrop, that we shall examine 3 notable things Destiny Etiko did after her birthday that are worth highlighting.

Three Things Done By Destiny Etiko After Her 32nd Birthday

Although this may not actually cover all the achievements she attained after her 32nd birthday, we have carefully picked out some visible and shining feats/deeds.

New House Acquisition: Immediately after she celebrated her birthday on the 12th of August, Destiny Etiko took to her Instagram page on 13th August to share images of the new mansion she acquired. According to her, the house served as a birthday gift ‘from her to herself’. This display however sparked reactions all over the internet. While others gushed over her success and sent in congratulatory messages, others made their thoughts known on the issue also.

Check out the photo of the mansion she gifted herself below:

However, it is important to note that this isn’t the first house acquired by the actress. Some months back, she gifted her mother a portable and well-furnished mansion as a way of showing gratitude for the pains she took in raising her. Destiny Etiko lost her father in 2020, making her mom the only surviving parent.

Catch a glimpse of the house she bought for her mom:

Bought A Car: After acquiring a house for her birthday celebration, it took barely a month for the beautiful actress to pull up another powerful stunt which set social media on ‘fire’. In September 2021, Destiny Etiko acquired a Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle(SUV) which augmented the list of expensive cars resting comfortably in her garage. One would also recall that some time in February 2021, social media went agog after the movie star acquired an exquisite Land Cruiser SUV. Despite rumours that made the rounds then, Destiny Etiko remains a top-notch actress and has been persistent in doing what she knows best.

See photos of the Lexus ride she acquired recently:

Destiny Etiko Birthday Things

Helping Chinenye Eucharia Accomplish Her Dreams: Although this is not a materialistic achievement like others stated above, this is one thing Destiny Etiko did recently that caught the attention of people. The actress melted the hearts of many after she projected and saw to the fact that Chinenye Eucharia, a girl she didn’t know become prominent and today, she’s doing well in the industry.

Casting our mind on how it all happened, Destiny Etiko had taken a usual tour to a locality where she was massively welcomed by fans who were so excited to see her. Along the line, it happened that a young girl who seems to have forced herself through the crowd took hold of her car and professed her love for her and her works. The young lady proved resilient and refused to let go of the car even when the bouncers intervened. However, after due intervention and struggles, she was made to leave the car and Destiny Etiko wind up her car glass.

Watch the video below:

The video subsequently made the rounds on social media with lots of individuals beckoning and calling on the thespian to reciprocate the love by meeting her. The actress consequently instituted a search for this beautiful soul and in no time, she found her. As destiny may have it, Chinenye also had a great passion for acting and this seemed to be a turning point for the young girl. She subsequently got movie roles and her acting career began in earnest. The celebrity barman, Cubana Chief Priest even gave Chinenye and her mother a significant amount of money. Dramadoll as she is also called went ahead to adopt this lady as her daughter; a gesture that was lauded by fellow celebrities and fans.

In addition, it is no news that the thespian also derives ultimate pleasure in putting smiles on the faces of the less-privileged. Destiny Etiko Foundation(DEF) was created for the sole purpose of helping humanity. As a way of reciprocating the love and support she constantly gets from people, she decided to cut out a bit from the pile of riches she has and has used it to bless those who are in need. This serves as a big thumbs up to her.

It is also expedient for us to highlight that as the day goes by, so does Destiny Etiko’s fame and popularity grows. After her 32nd birthday, in September precisely, the actress took to Instagram to show off some dance moves after she officially hit 3 million followers on the photo-sharing app, Instagram. During the time of documentation, Destiny Etiko is currently enjoying an enormous fanbase of 3.4 million followers.

See a screenshot below:

In conclusion, Destiny Etiko remains an idol for many upcoming thespians. The actress who witnessed a massive boost in her career due to her role in the famous epic movie ‘Idemili’ has transitioned into the envy of many. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Nollywood star was able to strike all these mind-blowing achievements just a few days/months after her birth anniversary.

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