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Meet Zubby Michael: his luxury cars, multimillion naira mansions and investments (Video)

Zubby Michael Mansions Cars

Nollywood actor, Azubuike Michael Egwu, popularly known as Zubby Michael is hailed as one of Nigeria’s most influential and respected movie stars. He was born on the 1st day of February 1985 (age 36) in the South-Eastern State of Anambra, Nigeria. He also doubles as a movie producer due to his expertise in film production. Zubby Michael is a certified graduate of Mass Communication; a degree that was duly obtained from the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Zubby Michael began acting at a young age and during an interview, he opened up on making his debut appearance in 2007 in a movie titled ‘Missing Ribs’ which featured some notable faces of Nollywood such as Tonto Dikeh and Ramsey Noah. He also went on to feature in another movie ‘The Three Widows’, where he acted as the lead character. The Three Widows however served as a catalyst that ushered him into fame and from there, Nollywood witnessed the birth of another dexterous and amazing on-screen personality. To Zubby Michael, his movie career basically started as a joke as he never planned to be an actor right from the onset, but be it as it may, destiny threw him into it and he’s undoubtedly excelling beyond expectations.

Zubby Michael Mansions Cars As time progressed, Zubby Michael began to develop a great interest in action movies which made lots of movie lovers admire his potentials the more. This role consequently made him to be described as a ‘Nollywood bad boy’. Having invested a lot in his movie career, it is expected that evidence of hard work should be quite visible and this has been the case for Zubby Michael. The Nollywood star has attained great heights and consequently struck remarkable successes and achievements. Today, Zubby Michael can boast of three houses in Nigeria, some cars, and other prestigious investments. Against this backdrop, let’s illuminate Zubby Michael’s mansions, cars and his worthwhile investment.

Zubby Michael’s Achievements

His Mansions: Sometime in August 2020, the actor left millions of Nigerians in awe after he flaunted his luxurious mansion. Zubby Michael acquired a top-notch abode in one of the choicest areas in Nigeria, Lekki Phase 1 and what left everyone amazed was the worth of the building which is said to be over 600 million naira. Also, in an interview with Broadway TV which went viral months ago, the actor listed out the various parts of Nigeria he currently has a house while affirming that more are coming. Eze Ndi Ala as he is also referred to noted that he has a house in Anambra, Asaba; that’s the capital of Delta State and Lagos respectively.

Check out some photos of Zubby Michael’s magnificent house below:

This is only evidence of success and hard work. The actor has been a regular face on the screen and it definitely wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if peradventure he is breaking new grounds daily.

His Cars: In the aspect of fleets of exotic rides, the Nollywood movie star is definitely not lacking at all. Currently, the actor has about four exotic cars that are all worth millions of naira. His first car was a Lexus RX 330, estimated to be over 4 million naira. Zubby Michael used this for his daily activities until his level upgraded. Shortly, the actor added a new whip to his garage as he got himself a 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG 4MATIC also believed to be worth millions of naira. Zubby Michael also bought a Brabus G-Class AMG 63 2019 model; one of the most expensive cars that are currently chilling in his garage. As success turned into a daily phenomenon for the thespian, in August 2021, he showed off his newly acquired Mercedes Maybach which got everyone wondering how his wealth is being generated. Zubby Michael is currently living large and has progressed in the Nigerian movie scene. His success has been a rapid one and a large number of people can attest to that.

See a photo of Zubby striking a pose beside his expensive ride:

Zubby Michael Mansions Cars

Investments and Hustle: Zubby Michael is undoubtedly a creative hustler who have exploited different ways of making cool cash. Zubby Michael in an interview he had with Broadway TV disclosed that he recently visited the list of movies he starred in lately and got to realize that he made about 102 million naira in a couple of days, without including the old movies he once featured in. Just as I pinpointed at the beginning of this article, Zubby Michael is also a producer. The actor is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of A1 movies. Zubby Michael as a true son of Anambra is a renowned businessman with so many establishments. He has a hotel and also disclosed his intention of opening a company where biscuits, tissues and other products would be made. The actor has also described himself as the richest actor in Africa. Zubby Michael remains a gem in Nollywood.

Zubby Michael Mansions Cars

Also, coming to his social life, Zubby Michael seems to be a very jovial and easy-going individual. The actor once stated that the reason he shares money a lot is due to the fact that he doesn’t go to church nor believe in paying tithes, rather he uses the 10 per cent derived from his hard work to bless the needy or share to random individuals. Zubby Michael was also present at Oba, Anambra State during the burial of billionaire entrepreneur, Obi Cubana‘s mother and he participated actively in the ‘Doings’ of the day. Zubby Michael currently hasn’t been pinned to any woman, although he once expressed his readiness to go into a relationship now that he has made it big in life. Zubby Michael is also a Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano. Currently, he enjoys a huge fanbase on Instagram with over 4 million followers.

Check out his Instagram bio below:

In conclusion, with all these, one won’t be wrong to address him as a living legend in the Nigerian movie industry. His hard work has undoubtedly paid off and he stands as an idol or role model to millions of youths who are craving to have a successful acting career, and as we all know, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

Watch a brief interview below:

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