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3 remarkable achievements made by Somadina Adinma after Regina Daniels left him for Ned Nwoko

Somadina Adinma Regina Daniels

Nollywood actor, Somadina Adinma remains one of the finest faces of the Nigerian movie industry. Filled with energy and undisputed vibrance, the actor has featured in various Nollywood plays which attest to his dexterity in movie-making. As a good-looking and handsome young man, he doubles as a model. He was born on May 8, 1999, in Lagos State, Nigeria which makes him 22 years old. He had his tertiary education at the famous Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Somadina Adinma Regina Daniels

Somadina began acting as a teenager and till this point, he is still into the business. Be it as it may, Somadina Adinma and Regina Daniels happened to have grown together in the Nigerian movie industry. The duo featured in various movies together which further strengthened their bond. At some point, it was said that the actors were in a romantic relationship which each other; a gesture that which supported by their enthusiasts.

However, along the line, a relationship envied by all with the hopes that they would tie the knot one day took a new turn after Prince Ned Nwoko surfaced. Prince Ned Munir Nwoko is a 61-year-old Nigerian lawyer and politician, who hails from Delta State, Nigeria. Ned Nwoko came into the scene and within a short while, he and Regina Daniels could be seen walking down the aisle as husband and wife. The couple got married in the year 2019 and their union have been blessed with a son, Munir Neji. It is also important to note that Ned Nwoko has a total of six(6) wives with Regina Daniels being the last of them all.

However, following Regina Daniels’ marriage to Ned Nwoko, it is expected that the Somadina Adinma should move on with his life and get over it as soon as possible and undeniably he has done so.Somadina Adinma Regina DanielsSomadina Adinma has starred in various movies ever since Regina Daniels left him and encountered numerous successes and achievements over the years. In light of this, let us conduct a survey on three(3) significant and remarkable achievements of Somadina Adinma.

Three achievements of Somadina Adinma

First, New House Acquisition: Barely a year after Regina Daniels got married to Prince Ned Nwoko (2020), the movie star recorded a significant achievement by acquiring a gigantic and magnificent mansion. According to reports, the house was said to be worth over 100 million naira. The house is also sited in one of the choicest areas in Nigeria, that is Banana Island, Lagos State; a serene and conducive environment reserved for rich and wealthy individuals. However, following this great feat, it was alleged that Ned Nwoko actually used the house to compensate Somadina Adinma for taking away his lover. Be it as it may, this was only an allegation and nobody can confidently say if it was true or maybe one of the false news and rumours we often see on the social media space. With this stunt, Somadina Adinma wowed a lot of individuals who felt he wasn’t capable of keeping Regina Daniels away from Ned Nwoko in the aspect of finance.

See a photo of the house below:

Second: He acquired a new car: on the 6th day of May 2021, the young movie star put up another great stunt online as he took to his Instagram page to share some photos of the Toyota SUV he recently acquired for himself. According to him, the car was a little gift from ‘himself to himself’ as regards his birthday that was scheduled to take place on 8th May 2021. This also stood as a great achievement worthy of accolades and laudations. Somadina Adinma has undoubtedly begun to be a regular face in Nollywood and his works speak loudly for him. Fortunately, after the acquisition, no side talks or rumours were heard as regards how the car came about.

Check out some photos of the car he shared on his Instagram page then:

Third, his fanbase and social media followers: no doubt, Somadina Adinma witnessed a massive increase of followers on his social media pages following the drama that occurred between him and Regina Daniels back then. Although he was known due to his movies, many never knew him until stories began to fly around about Regina Daniels leaving her boyfriend for a man they claim to be very old and could even stand in as her father. So far, The actor has over 800k followers on the photo-sharing app, Instagram which shows that he is widely followed by many.

It should be noted that despite the criticisms and trolls that emanated from Regina Daniels’ marriage to Prince Ned Nwoko, the actor still didn’t react negatively to the situation, instead, he and Regina Daniels continued to be friends. Some months back, we even saw the duo together at an event and they cheerfully exchanged pleasantries with each other. It is no news that Somadina Adinma constantly celebrates Regina Daniels on her birthdays and also gives big shout-outs to her whenever she strikes great deals and achievement. Regina Daniels on her part reciprocates Somadina’s kind gesture which has even strengthened their bond despite being apart.

In the movie industry, the duo is still doing good and just as we stated earlier, they were introduced into acting at a very tender age and grew together which means that there are lots of potentials we are yet to see. Somadina Adinma and Regina Daniels are both in their early 20s; a clear indication that they have a long way to go in life and with their achievements already, the future is definitely bright.

Somadina Adinma Regina Daniels
Regina Daniels, Prince Ned Nwoko and their son

In conclusion, Somadina and Regina Daniels love story really have a lot to teach young people who are in a relationship or who have been in relationships. The manner in which Somadina Adinma moved on to attain great success after his girlfriend was married off to Ned Nwoko is quite commendable. But what I admire the most is the fact that although they have gone their different ways, they still celebrate each other’s achievements just as before, unlike what we see in most relationships in which when two persons break up, they tend to be at loggerheads with each other. To this end, I think this article has succinctly illuminated the visible successes of actor, Somadina Adinma after Regina Daniels left him and at the same time touched some other sensitive issues.

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