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3 reasons actress, Mercy Johnson’s marriage to Prince Okojie is still intact to date

Mercy Johnson Marriage Intact Reasons

Mercy Johnson Okojie remains one of the brightest and talented thespians to have ever graced the Nigerian movie industry. Mercy Johnson hails from Kogi State, Nigeria. The actress was born on the 28th day of August 1984 (37 years). The movie star in the year 2011 tied the knot with her heartthrob, Mr Prince Odianosen Okojie; accurate calculations show that their union have lasted for a decade and is still thriving without any hitch. Fortunately, their marriage has been blessed with four beautiful children who are quite intelligent and vibrant like their mother. The four kids are Purity Ozioma Okojie, Divine-Mercy Ehinomen Okojie, Henry Ozioma Okojie, and Angel Onosetale Okojie. Mercy Johnson’s husband is a politician and a successful businessman and since he and the actress walked down the aisle, there has been little or no fracas from their union, which remains a credit to both parties.Mercy Johnson Marriage Intact Reasons

In terms of stardom, Mercy Johnson remains one of the remarkable faces of Nollywood. She has starred in countless numbers of movies, and her dexterity when it comes to acting is indeed second to none. Mercy Johnson has successfully combined her career and family without neglecting one for the other, which shows you the type of amazing person she is.

However, this is 10 years since Mercy Johnson got married to Prince Okojie and contrary to the erroneous view or claim which holds that celebrities marriages don’t last, Mercy Johnson’s own has lasted and endured for years, and we are yet to hear about any problem emanating from their marriage. Undeniably, it is kudos for both of them, but have you ever thought about what could have sustained this marriage up till this point despite the ups and downs witnessed in many relationships? If you have, what were your findings and if you haven’t, I think this article will take care of that. Based on this, we shall look into 3 concrete reasons that have kept and sustained actress, Mercy Johnson’s marriage to date.

3 Reasons Mercy Johnson’s Marriage Is Still Intact To Date

In discussing this, we will start with the very first and vital reason, some people who have failed in this aspect have lost both their relationships and marriage, but Mercy Johnson has been so wise not to make the mistake of some celebrities, especially the females made.

1. She didn’t flaunt her private/marital life on social media: social media has undoubtedly been a notorious tool or instrument that have led to the end of most marriages and relationships. Tonto Dikeh who mercilessly dragged her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill to filth on social media when they had some misunderstanding a few years ago lost her marriage and today, she’s a divorcee, while Churchill went ahead to marry Rosy Meurer who hasn’t brought up any issue as regards their marriage online. It is important to note that once you invite the public into your relationship or marriage, you have unconsciously created room for future crisis because even those who may present themselves as friends and sympathizers may be the real devils. Therefore, despite having a huge number of followers on various social media platforms, Mercy Johnson Okojie has never for one day table her family to the public to have their say, which is a smart way of avoiding irrelevant opinions and sight talks. Social media has ended many relationships which could have resulted in something positive.

Take a look at what occurred between Alexx Ekubo and his fiancée, Fancy Acholonu, the duo excessively flaunted a relationship that was at its delicate stage and as a result of this, sorrow became the order of the day for them. Posting one’s private and marital life on social media ruins any relationship or union faster than anyone will ever think. Therefore, to have a successful marriage, the social media space should be a no-no for your marital problems, and this is exactly what Mercy Johnson Okojie has been doing since she got married.Mercy Johnson Marriage Intact Reasons

Second; Humility; we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us that the actress remains one of the most humble drama queens in the industry. Mercy Johnson’s humility undoubtedly is a catalyst that has brought her marriage this far, and it is incontestable. The actress has exhibited humility coupled with respect on several occasions which makes her a gem, yes, a woman of good virtues worthy of emulation/imitation. Some months ago, a clip surfaced on social media which showed the moment Prince Okojie paid a surprise visit to his wife while she was on set. Mercy Johnson, who was filled with much enthusiasm, rushed towards him and knelt down. This gesture attracted many commendations from people. Actor, Zubby Michael also made a funny statement by encouraging his wife-to-be wherever she may be to emulate the ways of Mercy Johnson. The singular act alone shows that the humility and respect she offers her husband at home is one of the pillars responsible for her successful marriage over the years.

Third; Her Multitasking Ability; only a few individuals can successfully manage a home while pursuing their career vigorously the way Mercy Johnson has done and is still doing. Mercy Johnson has proved to Nigerian ladies that a woman can take care of her family and still live up to her dreams as a career woman, what matters is how she combines the two. Mercy Johnson despite being married continued to feature in many Nigerian movies; an activity she has been doing for quite a long period. If Mercy Johnson wasn’t multitasking by taking care of her family and pursuing her career, who knows, maybe her marriage would have ended long ago like some Nigerian female celebrities, but she displayed premium uniqueness by accommodating the two which is a big thumbs up on her part.Mercy Johnson Marriage Intact Reasons

Be it as it may, the Kogi-born actress, remains a role model to many upcoming movie stars, Mercy Johnson Okojie gave the movie industry a new look; one that no other actress or actor could do. During her heydays, she thrilled Nigerians with blockbuster movies which consequently made her one of the most loved movie stars in Nigeria.
In conclusion, 10 years of marriage isn’t a little feat at all for a celebrity like Mercy Johnson who seems to be watched by many individuals. Prince Okojie on his part deserves good credits or accolades as we haven’t had any cheating saga ever since he married Mercy Johnson. Actresses like Destiny Etiko and so on look up to Mercy Johnson as their source of inspiration and to date, she doesn’t disappoint in any way.



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