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3 factors you never knew were behind actress, Destiny Etiko’s success in Nollywood

Destiny Etiko Success Nollywood

Unarguably, Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has continued to record significant milestones in the Nigerian movie industry for quite a number of years now. The Enugu-born thespian has starred in lots of films which has subsequently made her one of the most preferred actresses in Nigeria; for both viewers and producers as the case may be.

Destiny Etiko Success Nollywood

Destiny Etiko, a young and energetic movie star surfaced planet earth on the 12th day of August 1989. Proper calculations dating from that period till this moment (2021), shows that she is 32 years old. As earlier stated, the actress hails from Enugu State, Nigeria. Destiny Etiko has a degree in Theatre Arts duly bagged from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Over the years, she has proven to be a gem in the Nigerian movie sphere.

However, it is widely said and known that every success(es) is triggered by some factors and Destiny Etiko’s achievements in the Nigerian movie industry were driven by lots of factors that skyrocketed her to the top and placed her in a position she is now.

Without beating about the bush, let us take a quick look at 3 salient reasons that have contributed to her ever-increasing successes in Nollywood.

Factors Responsible for Destiny Etiko’s Success

First; Passion and Vigour: An average Nollywood movie viewer, would solely agree to the fact that Destiny Etiko is one of a kind when she is on a movie set. The actress no doubt, puts in her whole energy and strength in making sure that the viewers get the most out of any work of art she features in. Destiny Etiko’s passion for her career became the ladder that pushed her to the level she has attained today. Dramadoll as she fondly addresses herself became the viewers’ favourite after her role in the blockbuster movie, Idemili, which was produced in 2012 by Ernest Obi and officially released in the year 2014.  Destiny Etiko who was identified as Ekemma in this movie that made waves years back portrayed reality to the fullest.

It was reported and later confirmed by her during an interview that she had to carry a live snake on her body all in a bid to produce the best of entertainment. This difficult role played by the actress speaks volumes of her passion for acting. In the interview, where she reminisced upon her experiences, Destiny Etiko opened up on how difficult and tasking the role was for her, but she pulled through due to her commitment towards acting.

Destiny Etiko in action

Consequently, Idemili turned out to be the film that brought her to the limelight she enjoys today. Presently, the actress has featured in countless numbers of movies too numerous to be recorded. This is why I say her passion and vigour has been one (if not the foremost) factor that has contributed to her success.

Second; Her generous and selfless attitude: Without mincing words, Destiny Etiko remains one of the most generous and selfless actresses in the Nigerian movie industry. Her goodwill towards the less privileged people has earned her so much love and affection from the masses. Currently, the actress set up a non-profit organization in her name which is aimed basically at alleviating the miserable condition of people languishing in penury and destitution. Destiny Etiko Foundation (DEF) on countless occasions have reached out to people in various localities in order to lend a helping hand in any little way.

Destiny Etiko alongside her crew members has visited schools, widows and poverty-stricken individuals in the interior parts of Nigeria and subsequently blessed them with items such as bags of rice, garri and so on. There is no doubt that benevolent gestures like such bring about much love from people and blessings from God; little wonder they say ‘one good turn deserves another’. Hence it is in her nature to show excessive love to the helpless, they reciprocate in the little way they can by continuously blowing her trumpet.

Apart from her genuine efforts through DEF, she recently stunned fans and the public with a recent action she exhibited. Destiny Etiko during one of her tours bumped into a young girl identified as Chinenye Eucharia who couldn’t hide her feeling about her. In the video which went viral on social media, the girl forced her way to her (Destiny Etiko) car, screamed at the top of her voice in excitement while disclosing how she idolizes the Dramadoll. Unfortunately, she got kicked out by some bouncers who made sure Destiny doesn’t get overwhelmed by the crowd, but this did not stop Destiny Etiko from lending a helping hand as she has always done.

Destiny Etiko Success Nollywood
Destiny and Chinenye Eucharia

Days later, Destiny launched a search for this innocent lady and after a thorough search was conducted, news broke out that the 32-year-old actress met with the lady who indicated an interest in acting. Without delay, Destiny Etiko made necessary arrangements for her to be featured in a movie, and as I write, Chinenye Eucharia has successfully bagged her first movie role courtesy of Destiny Etiko. These are basically visible instances, which may cause one to think about some goods she must have done which are not visible to public eyes.

Third; Ability to take on different roles assigned to her: The name, Dramadoll is duly justified by the fact that Destiny Etiko is a multitalented movie star. Destiny Etiko has made herself more suitable to feature in various plays due to her ability to execute and act upon any script assigned to her. Producers as a matter of fact are after thespians who are dynamic in nature and Destiny Etiko is a shining example. Also, with role models such as Mercy Johnson Okojie, Yul Edochie and so on, the sky remains a starting point for her.

If you carefully follow Destiny Etiko and her movies, you will realise that she takes on different roles; Urban, Epic, just name it, she is undoubtedly a Drama queen.

In sum, if you have ever wonder what may have prompted the ever-increasing fame and successes Destiny Etiko is enjoying, those above stated points goes a long way to answer your question. At the time this article was drafted, Destiny Etiko has 2.9 million followers on the photosharing app, Instagram, over 600k followers on Facebook, which jointly speaks of her influence and popularity.




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